How it works

Sign up a quarter at a time for weekly writing sessions

The year is broken into quarterly teaching modules. Sign up for any quarter or join the quarters together to create a ½ year, ¾ year or even a full year of writing.

The 2023 first quarter begins Monday, 06 February.


What to expect in each quarter

Each quarter will focus thematically around a coherent set of lessons, so you can build your skills as a writer step by step. 

Each quarter will consist of lessons week by week, starting with basic foundations and building layers of complexity.

Each quarter will include weekly assignments and feedback; discussion groups and peer review; recommended reading lists; edits and opportunities for re-drafts.



2023 quarterly programme

CHARACTER: First quarter, 06 February –  01 May 2023

  • examining specific attributes, voice, dialogue, motivations, development and more; making your characters (fictional or real) come to life on the page


SETTING AND MOOD: Second quarter, 08 May – 26 July 2023

  • exploring the physicality of setting, atmosphere, sensual details and tone in poetic phrasing and storytelling; building tension, suspense and humour


DETAILS AND CONCEPTS: Third quarter, 07 August – 30 October 2023

  • starting small and working towards the bigger picture to build the world(s) you create, step by step


EXPLORING FORMS: Fourth quarter, 06 November October – 22 January 2023

  • engaging new structures each week, whether in poetry, flash fiction, novel or nonfiction; transcending boundaries in content and form


Once you sign up, you will receive a syllabus with further instructional materials, including a full set of weekly writing assignments, recommended reading, scheduled internet conferences and discussions with classmates.

If you have a project already underway, you may choose to bring excerpts of that to the discussions, and apply lessons learned here to your other work. Your memoir may become more poetic; your essays may become more lively; your short stories may be imbued with more suspense and layering. Or you may discover that by the end of the year you have a portfolio of 52 small fictions or poems!

Go to the Sign Up page and get in touch!

Short Courses 2023

8 week each; dates tba.

If you are interested in the short courses, please contact Michelle in email.


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